Smb4K officially supports Linux®, FreeBSD and NetBSD. Other operating systems might work as well, but haven't been tested.

To compile Smb4K, you need:

Smb4K depends on the following Qt (≥ 5.4.0) and KF5 (≥ 5.9.0) modules:

  • QtCore, QtGui, QtWidgets, QtTest, QtNetwork, QtPrintSupport, QtQml

  • KConfig, KAuth, KDocTools, KIconThemes, KWidgetsAddons, KI18n, KCompletion, KCoreAddons, Solid, KIO, KNotifications, KXmlGui, KJobWidgets, KWallet, KDBusAddons, KParts, KConfigWidgets, KNotifications, KWindowSystem

For a proper operation, you also need:

  • Samba (3.x or 4.x, 4.x recommended)

To enable full functionality, you may also want to install these programs:

The list of changes can be found in the ChangeLog file.