Chapter 3. Settings

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Intro/exit animation

Intro/exit animation

Disabling the starting/ending animation can be configured by editing ~/.kde/share/config/kmplayerrc and modify

[General Options]
  No Intro=0

the above option to '1'. Just add this option if it's not there yet.

It's also possible to set an alternative animation. KMPlayer will look at resp. ~/.kde/share/apps/kmplayer/intro.xml and ~/.kde/share/apps/kmplayer/exit.xml. The format has to be a supported XML file.

The intro animation doesn't have to be a short one, because it will automatically end when another source is opened. Of course for the exit animation this would be a bit annoying, however the user can always end the application twice.

A simple example of an intro, showing your favorite photo can be

    <img dur="indefinite" src="file:///home/koos/mum.gif" fit="meet"/>

In KMPlayer's source package, in the tests/ are some examples of SMIL that KMPlayer supports.