Tabbed Browsing

By using this feature you can make Konqueror load multiple web pages in the same window, and switch between them using tabbed pages. This way, you can preload a page in the background while you carry on reading another.

To use tabbed browsing, right click on a link and choose Open in New Tab from the drop down menu or middle mouse button click. The page will be downloaded and displayed as normal, but with tabs across the top of the view, one tab for each page. left mouse button click on a tab to view that page, or you can use the shortcuts Ctrl+, and Ctrl+. to cycle through the tab pages. Alternatively, you can scroll through the tabs using the mouse wheel while the mouse pointer is over the tab bar (presuming that your mouse has one). Also, double-clicking over the empty tab bar space will open a new tab.

Using the Open new tabs in the background option in the General page of the Settings dialog, clicking on a link downloads the page and shows a new tab for it, but the new page will not be displayed until you left click on the tab.

If you check the Open links in new tab instead of in new window box in the General page of the SettingsConfigure Konqueror... dialog, middle mouse button clicking on a link will open it in a new tab page and if you hold the Shift key down while clicking the middle mouse button the link will be opened in a background tab page.

Right clicking on a tab will bring up a menu with the following options:

New Tab (Ctrl+T)

This opens a new, blank, tabbed page view. You can then download a web page into it by typing the URL into the Location Bar or by making a selection from the Bookmark Toolbar.

Duplicate Tab (Ctrl+D)

To create a duplicate tabbed page.

Reload Tab (F5)

Reloads the content of the current tab.

Other Tabs

Displays a submenu showing all other tabs. Choosing a tab from this list makes it the active tab.

Other TabsReload All Tabs (Shift+F5)

Reloads the content of every tab.

Other TabsClose Other Tabs

To close all but the selected tab page.

Detach Tab (Ctrl+Shift+B)

This option removes the selected tabbed page from the current Konqueror window and opens it in a new instance of Konqueror.

Close Tab (Ctrl+W)

To close the selected tab page.