Right Mouse Button Menus

Clicking the right mouse button on almost any part of Konqueror's window will bring up an appropriate context menu.


If you have enabled the Right click goes back in history option in Konqueror's configuration settings a simple right click is equivalent to clicking on the Back button. In this case you can access the context menu by moving the mouse with the right button held down.

On the Titlebar

Right clicking on any free area of the Titlebar brings up the Titlebar Menu, allowing you to control the position of Konqueror's window as well as the decoration applied to all KDE program windows.

On the Main Toolbar

Right click on any free area of the Toolbar to bring up the Toolbar Menu. You can also use the Toolbar Menu to set the size of the buttons on the Toolbar, and whether they are shown as icons, text or both.

Unlock the toolbar and you can move it to the top, bottom, left or right of Konqueror's window.

On the Location Toolbar

Right click in the URL entry box area to perform Cut, Copy, Paste or Clear operations in this area, or to change the automatic Text Completion features.

Within a View

If you right click on any free area of a view then you will get a menu that contains, among other options, the Up, Back, Forward and Reload navigation commands.

On a File or Folder

This is a most useful feature. Right clicking on the name or icon of any file or folder not only selects that item but also brings up a menu allowing you to Cut, Move, Copy or Remove the item in various ways, open it with the program of your choice or preview it, rename it, or edit the file type or properties.

On the Status Bar

Right click on the Status Bar at the bottom of a window or view to add or remove a view and lock or link views within Konqueror's window.