Moving and Copying

To copy a file or subfolder between folders you can:

  • Position the mouse pointer over its name or icon and hold down the right mouse button, which will bring up a menu containing the Copy option. Choose that.

    Or if the item is selected you can use the Copy button on the Toolbar or the Menubar EditCopy item, or the Ctrl+C shortcut key combination. You can also select multiple files or folders to copy/move as well.

  • Navigate to the folder you want to copy the item into then Paste the item into the new folder by using the Toolbar Paste button or the Menubar EditPaste option or the Ctrl+V shortcut, or by moving the mouse pointer to a clear area of the window and holding the right mouse button down to bring up a menu containing the Paste option.

Moving a file or subfolder between folders can be done in the same way as copying, except that you choose the Cut option or Ctrl+X instead of Copy. The item that you have Cut will be removed from the original folder when you do the Paste into the new folder.

You can also copy or move selected item(s) to another folder by selecting Copy To or Move To from the context menu you get when you right click on a file or folder name in the File Manager window.

To enable this feature select Show 'Copy To' and 'Move To' commands on the File ManagementServices page of the settings.


You may not be able to copy or move a file or folder if you don't have the necessary permissions.

Using Drag 'n Drop

Konqueror also supports Drag and Drop copying and moving of files and folders.

You can do this by having two instances of Konqueror, one showing the folder you want to copy from, the other showing the target folder. Position the mouse pointer over the item you wish to copy or move, then, holding the left mouse button pressed, drag it to a clear space in the target folder. Release the button and you will be presented with a menu choice of Copy Here, Move Here or Link Here. Take care to drop the item into an empty area of the target folder view - dropping it on top of a subfolder will copy or move the item into that folder.

You can also set up Konqueror to show more than one folder within its window and drag & drop between them.

Split Views for Drag & Drop

This screenshot illustrates the use of the Menubar WindowSplit View Left/Right option, also available with the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L, to split the main Konqueror window into two views, each showing the contents of a different folder.

To be able to show different folders in each view they should not be linked; the little boxes at the bottom right of each view should be empty.

The active view, that is the one whose path is shown in the Location Toolbar and which responds to navigation and Menubar commands, is shown by the little green light in the bottom left corner. To make a view active, left click on an empty area of the view or on its Status Bar.

To remove an active view from Konqueror's window use the Ctrl+Shift+W shortcut, or the Menubar WindowClose Active View option, or right mouse button click on the Status Bar and choose the Close View option from the resulting menu.

If you use Konqueror tabs, you can drag and drop between tabs by dragging the file to the tab label, without letting go yet. The destination tab will pop to the front, allowing you to continue dragging and then to drop the file.

Duplicate File or Folder Names

If you try to paste a file or folder into a folder that already contains an item with the same name, Konqueror will pop up a dialog box warning you that the item already exists. You can then choose to:

  • Cancel the paste operation by pressing the Cancel button.

  • Give the item that is being copied a different name. You can do this by typing a new name into the text entry box or get Konqueror to Suggest New Name. When you have done this press the Continue button.

  • If you have copied multiple items, Skip the current item.

The Apply to All button can be used if you have copied multiple items.