Chapter 10. Configuring Konqueror

Pamela Roberts

Table of Contents

Other Settings

In common with the rest of KDE, Konqueror is highly configurable, so you can really get the look and feel that best fits your needs and wishes.

When KDE is newly installed, Konqueror's window contains a Menubar, Main and Location Toolbars and possibly a Bookmark Toolbar.

For detailed information how to modify toolbars and shortcuts please read the sections about Toolbars and Shortcuts in the Fundamentals.

Other Settings

Selecting Settings Configure Konqueror... brings up a dialog box which you can use to control most aspects of Konqueror's behavior.

It contains these sections which are selected by left clicking on one of the icons at the left of the dialog box:

Pressing the Help button will give you detailed instructions about how to use each of these sections, or you can use the What's This? feature.