Chapter 2. Konqueror Basics

Pamela Roberts


Like all KDE applications, Konqueror is highly configurable. This document describes how Konqueror behaves with the normal, default settings.

A three button mouse can be useful when you are running Konqueror or any other KDE application. If your mouse only has two buttons then you should be able to set your system up so that you can simulate a middle mouse button by pressing both buttons at the same time.

You can read more about mouse usage in the section called “Left and Middle Mouse Button Actions”

If you are used to having to double-click to perform an action, then take care, because in common with the rest of KDE, Konqueror defaults to single-clicking.

Starting Konqueror

Being a combined File Manager and Browser, Konqueror will automatically switch between the two modes as needed when it is running, but it is convenient to be able to choose which mode is to be used when you start it up.

  • From the application launcher menu, select InternetKonqueror (Web Browser) to start it as a browser.

  • Alt+F2 will open KRunner, enter a path to a folder and press Enter to start in file manager mode, or just enter a URL such as to start Konqueror as a browser.


Click on the black arrow to the right of the Home Page icon to switch to your Home Folder in the file manager mode and vice versa.

If Konqueror is the default file manager it also starts automatically when you left click on a desktop icon that represents a folder, such as a hard disk drive or the Trash icon.