Chapter 2. Using KLinkStatus

To check links on a web site or local file enter its address into the URL: field and hit Enter. You can also use folder icon to the right to navigate to the address needed using GUI.


KLinkStatus is checking links on KDevelop web site. Broken and malformed links are marked with red.

If access to the inspected data is restricted, please check the Login option. After hitting Enter in URL field or push Start Search button on the toolbar the following dialog will be shown to enter the credentials.

Credentials dialog of KLinkStatus

KLinkStatus is asking you to enter the credentials.

Enter the credentials and push OK button.

You can narrow down the range of the links to be checked by unchecking Check external links item (if external links need not to be checked) or entering regular expression into Do not check Regular Expression field.

Search results can be filtered using Search field or Status drop-down menu (All Links, Good Links, Broken Links, Malformed Links, or Undetermined Links).

From the context menu of each item in search results you can Recheck item, Edit Referrer in the default editor, Open URL, Open Referrer URL, Copy URL, Copy Referrer URL, or Copy Cell Text.

The check results can be saved as XML site map using FileCreate Site Map... menu item, or exported as HTML using FileExport to HTML. You can choose to export All or just Broken links. An option Download New Stylesheets to use stylesheets from Get Hot New Stuff repository for export is also implemented.