Chapter 3. Configuring KLinkStatus

Configuration options of KLinkStatus can be accessed by opening the configuration dialog with selecting SettingsConfigure KLinkStatus... from the menu.


In the Check page, you can change the default check parameters. This page is divided into three panes (Network, Input, and Quanta) with additional checkbox Remember settings when exit. If the latter is checked, KLinkStatus remember configured settings when you exit KLinkStatus and restore them during the next application run.

The Network pane can be used to choose the Number of simultaneous connections and Timeout in seconds.

You can change the Number of items in URL history (default is 50) and the Depth of check (can be overriden with KLinkStatus main window, 0 for Unlimited). You can also decide if KLinkStatus should Check parent folders and Check external links (can be overriden with KLinkStatus main window).

The Quanta pane is used to control Quanta Plus integration of KLinkStatus. Check Use preview prefix if you want to use Quanta Plus's project preview prefix in the URL to check.


Using the Results page you can choose format of the check results list. Tree is the default tree view and Flat is the flat list (can be faster on low-end machines). You can also let KLinkStatus Follow Last Link Checked and define Preferred Style Sheet for the check list. The new stylesheets can be downloaded from the Get Hot New Stuff repository using FileExport to HTMLDownload New Stylesheets menu item.


Using the Identification page you can configure the way KLinkStatus reports itself to the server that stores the page checked. You can choose to Send Identification. Use Default button to set the default identification of Konqueror. Identity pane can be used to choose your identity for authentication on the server.

Mail Transport

Using the Mail Transport page, you can configure email account which receives KLinkStatus scheduled check results.