The Options Dialog

This dialog contains options that are in the toolbar and extra options that may come in handy in some situations. You can invoke it selecting SettingsConfigure KFileReplace... in the main menu.

General options

These options have been presented in the Toolbar section.

The General tab of the Options window

Advanced options

The Advanced tab of the Options window

Do not show files if no strings are found or replaced: shows only the files that match some of your strings. This will speed up the search.
When searching, stop on first string found: KFileReplace will stop when it finds a matching string, and will continue to search for other strings or, if you search for only one string, it will continue with the next file.
Follow symbolic links: if a file is a link to another one, then search in the real file.
Ignore hidden files and directories: if hidden files or folders are encountered, ignore them.