Chapter 3. KFileReplace features

This chapter provides information about some useful capabilities of KFileReplace.

How to save your string list

When you want to reuse a list of strings you can save it in a xml file. To do this select from the menubar Search/ReplaceStringsSave Strings List to File. When you save a list, a simple xml file with extension kfr is created. To load a kfr file select from menubar Search/ReplaceStringsLoad Strings List from File. The actual file looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
	<mode search="false"/>
		<oldstring><![CDATA[SEARCH_STRING_1]] ></oldstring>

If you are using a previous format, you can update by hand your file by simply modifying it according to the above scheme. Alternatively, you can load the file written in the old format and save it again with KFileReplace in the way explained before.