Problem: You are a freelance software consultant with many clients. Some clients have multiple projects. During the course of a day, you switch back and forth between different projects. You need to track your time to generate monthly invoices.

Solution: Create one top-level task for each client and a subtask for each client project. For projects that require more detailed tracking, create a list of project subtasks. Track time by double-clicking on the task you are currently working on.

KTimetracker provides great flexibility in tracking your time, allowing unlimited tasks and task depth. Time may be logged to any task, and more than one task can be active at any given time.

KTimetracker allows you to edit your task's history and to put a comment for every event that you have stopped.

To create a top-level task, select TaskNew Task... (Ctrl+T). To create a subtask, highlight the parent task and select TaskNew Subtask... (Ctrl+Alt+N).

When KTimetracker exits, the task list is saved to a file on your disk. When it next opens, it reloads the task list from the same file.

KTimetracker can import and export tasks to minimize your work. See Other Systems.