Chapter 6.  Further Information

In this section we will detail some additional information resources which could be useful to you. Many of the articles listed below (for which URLs are given) are posted to news groups regularly; some of those groups are also listed here.

Informative Newsgroups

de.newsusers.infos (German)
de.answers (German)
de.comp.os.unix.linux.infos (German)
de.newusers.answers (German)
de.newusers.questions (German)

For beginners it is especially recommended to read these articles at least partially: informed users have strong advantages in news groups. There are some more-specialized news groups where FAQs and introductory articles are posted frequently, e.g. the newsgroup de.comp.os.unix.linux.infos (German), which contains a lot of useful articles about the Linux® operating system. Just have a look on the group list of your newsserver for it.