Chapter 1.  Introduction

KNode is an easy-to-use, convenient newsreader; it is intended to allow even newbies to use a newsreader under KDE, but it also offers advanced features appealing to experienced users. KNode is a online-reader but could work together with a newsserver like leafnode as an offline-reader.

As of version 0.4 KNode complies with all the requirements of the GNKSA.

If you have problems or questions about this program, please contact the mailing list for KDE users (for subscription, see Homepage of the KDE mailing lists) or one of the KDE newsgroups:
de.comp.os.unix.apps.kde (german)

If you have found a bug or have suggestions regarding the functionality of KNode please report them via the HelpReport bug... menu.

Please make sure when asking questions in the newsgroups and mailing lists mentioned above that the question you are asking is not answered in this manual.

For those new to reading news and posting articles, the A journey through Usenet chapter is recommended; it is not so much about KNode as how to move about in the Usenet with its help. In general, it is not sufficient to just master a news reader for writing news articles: imagine a car driver who masters his car perfectly but does not know about the traffic rules or signs; do you want to encounter such a driver when out in traffic? So please take your time to learn at least a little about the traffic rules of the Usenet; the other participants will thank you.


KNode supports you in many cases with hints and warnings: if you do not simply ignore them you will avoid many beginners' mistakes; but, do not exclusively depend on them either.

Please address suggestions and criticisms at the author or at the responsible translator for your language.