Using Pages

Pages are where you actually write whatever you are going to write. Once you have created a book, you can type text in the main text box.

To create additional pages, you can use Ctrl+N or the menu entry FileNew Page, which will create a new page. Similarly, the current page can be removed using FileDelete Page.


If you need to insert the current date and time while you are writing a note, you can use Ctrl+Shift+I .

So that you can get to the page you want to see, pages can (and should) be given a name. This can be done in the way you are used to: double click the page you want to rename. You are then able to rename the page. Of course there is also a keyboard shortcut you can use at any time while writing a note. The shortcut is: Ctrl+M.

Another way of renaming the page is by selecting a part of your note and then press Ctrl+T. The selected text will instantly become the title of the page.

Writing or editing your notes you can use the actions from Format menu or from the toolbar to format your text.