Chapter 1. Introduction

KABC-Client is a command line interface to KDE address book. It lets you list, search, insert, remove, or merge contacts by way of the command line or from a scripting language. KABC-Client can handle a variety of formats on both input and output, enabling it to be used for import and export of whole KDE address books.

When invoked without arguments KABC-Client will be put into search mode and try to match any input it can read from standard input to contact entries in the KDE address book

Main features of KABC-Client:

  • List all contacts of the KDE address book

  • Search for contacts matching the input

  • Insert (add) contacts

  • Remove (delete) contacts

  • Merge (change) matching contacts with new data

KABC-Client is not another graphical user interface to the KDE address book (i.e. KAddressBook). KABC-Client is intended solely for uses where a graphical user interface is not practical or possible.

KABC-Client does not provide a full-featured language for making queries of the user's address book nor is it the intention of the authors to ever write such a capability. Any such processing can be done through other command line tools or the script's own language's capabilities.

To ease discoverability of its capabilities, any option requiring an argument can be called with the value help. This will then list all the valid values one can pass to that option.