Input and Output Formats

KABC-Client can interpret input data and format output data according to various formatting rules. Depending on the actual usage scenario certain combinations will render the most useful result. Some of the formats understand additional parameters for further customizing their behavior.

Since textual data can be encoded both input and output can be subjected to additional decoding or encoding respectively.

All those command line options will react to the special value help by listing the allowed values.

vCard Format

vCard (RFC 2426) is the standard format for contact data and as such can present all information other address book applications such as KAddressBook can access. It is therefore the default format for output formatting.

Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Format

Comma-Separated Value Format can be used as input format to fill data into specific field of a contact entry and as an output format to reduce or re-order data for further processing. To allow for enough flexibility mapping of contact fields to CSV columns can be specified using CSV-template description files also used by KAddressBook for the same purpose.