Chapter 2. Features

In this chapter you'll learn about the main features of KABC-Client and how to control them using the command line parameters (remember that KABC-Client is not a graphical user interface; it is a command line program only).

You'll learn about inserting, deleting, and searching for contact data, and how to use different formats for input and output.

Listing the address book

This is the most basic operation mode, initiated using the --list or -L option. KABC-Client will list all contacts in the KDE address book, writing the data to the program's standard output. Amount and format of the output will depend on the chosen output format.

To list all contacts as standard vCard entries, simply run:

% kabcclient -L

To get just one line per contact, e.g. for counting, simply run:

% kabcclient -L -of uid

In this next example, we list all email addresses:

% kabcclient --list -of email