Chapter 3. The KPPP wizard

Starting the Wizard.

You can start the wizard from KPPP's initial screen. Start KPPP from your K menu, where you will find its entry in the Internet as Internet Dial-Up Tool.

The following dialog will appear:

The KPPP dialer startup screen

The KPPP dialer startup screen

It will probably not have any entries to begin with, and that's what we're about to do now.

Click the Configure button to open the KPPP Configuration dialog. On the Accounts tab select New... to begin setting up a new Internet connection.

The dialog will offer you three choices, Wizard, Manual Setup and Cancel

The dialog asks you what you want to do...

The dialog asks you what you want to do


If you have a fairly standard modem, and use one of the larger ISP's for your country, the wizard will probably be able to set you up immediately with a working Internet Connection. Try this first, before you try to set up the connection manually.

Manual Setup

If you don't succeed with the Wizard, or you just want to do things yourself, choose this. The wizard currently is only useful for a small subset of countries and Internet Providers.


Choose this if you really don't want to be setting up a new account right now. The message box will go away, and you will be left with the dialer screen as before.

For the purposes of this chapter, we'll assume you are choosing Wizard, and the dialog based setup will be described in a later chapter.