Modem Profiles

One reason you might want to send the modem commands directly is if you have a set of modem configurations you want to keep, and not have to specify for every connection. A good way to do that is via modem profiles. Modems can have several stored profiles numbered 0,1,... AT&V can be used to view them all. The default profile is usually 0 (this can be changed via AT&Y.) The profile currently in use is called the active profile.

When you change a setting, the active profile is modified. The ATZ command will have the modem load the default profile, erasing any changes you have made. To save changes, Load the profile you want to change via ATZn (where n is the profile number). Make the changes you want, then save it with AT&Wn. To have kppp use the profile you want, change the modem initialization string (Modem Commands Initialization String on the Modem tab). For example ATZ1 will have the kppp reset the modem and use stored profile #1.

If you want reset you modem to get back to some known starting point, use AT&F&W to set the active profile to the factory defaults, and store those settings as the default profile.

Examples of profile changes are in the next section