Backslash and Percent Commands

Table B.3. Backslash and Percent Commands

\A0 or \ACharacter maximum MNP block size64 character maximum
\A1Character maximum MNP block size128 character maximum
\A2Character maximum MNP block size192 character maximum
\A3Character maximum MNP block size256 character maximum
%C0 or %CData Compression Enable/DisableDisabled
%C1Data Compression Enable/DisableMNP5 enabled
%C2Data Compression Enable/DisableV.42bis (BTLZ) Enabled
%C3Data Compression Enable/DisableMNP5 & V.42bis (BTLZ) Enabled
%D0 or %DData compression512 BLTZ dictionary size
%D1Data compression1024 BLTZ dictionary size
%D2Data compression2048 BLTZ dictionary size
%D3Data compression4096 BLTZ dictionary size
%E0 or %E1Escape methodESCAPE DISABLED
%E1Escape method+++AT method (default)
%E2Escape methodBreak AT method
%E3Escape methodBOTH methods enabled
%E4Escape methodDisable OK to +++
%E5Escape methodEnable OK to +++
\J0 or \JDTE Auto Rate AdjustmentDisabled
\J1DTE Auto Rate AdjustmentDTE rate is adjusted to match carrier rate.
\N0 or \NConnection typeNormal connection (see below for definitions)
\N1Connection typeDirection connection
\N2Connection typeMNP Auto-reliable connection
\N3Connection typeAuto-reliable connection
\N4Connection typeV.42bis reliable link with phase detection
\N5Connection typeV.42bis auto-reliable link with phase detection
\N6Connection typeV.42 reliable link with phase detection
\N7Connection typeV.42 auto-reliable link with phase detection

A direct connection is a simple straight-through connection without any error connection or data compression. In this case, the computer-to-modem and modem-to-modem speeds must be identical.

A normal connection uses flow control (either software or hardware) to buffer the data being sent or received, so that the modem can transmit data at a different rate than the computer is actually sending or receiving it. For example, a computer may send actual data at 57kbps, but using compression, the modem only actually sends 28.8kbps. This is the mode use by most modems.

A reliable connection is a type of normal connection; if, for some reason, data compression or error correction cannot be established or maintained, the connection will hang up. (In essence, such a modem ensures that all connections are reliable, for it will hang up if the connection isn't.)

Likewise, an auto-reliable connection is virtually the same, except that the modem will try to renegotiate the connection in order to establish a reliable connection. Again, this is the mode that most modems use.