Chapter 5. Global KPPP settings

The changes made here affect all accounts you have set up in KPPP

The Accounts tab

The Accounts tab

The Accounts tab

In this dialog, you can manage the accounts themselves. The names of the accounts appear in a list on the left of the dialog.

To delete an account, select the Delete button. You will be asked to confirm before the account is finally deleted.

You can make a copy of an account with the Copy button. You could use this for example, to separate different users in the family, although that would normally be better done by having them be different users in the OS as well! Or perhaps you just have more than one account with the same ISP and wish to use both of them.

Choosing Edit... will take you to the dialog described in Dialog Setup, but with the selected accounts details.

Choosing New... will offer you the choice between the Wizard or the Dialog Setup already described.

If you select an account, and you have turned on accounting then the accumulated information for that account will appear in the two panels labelled Phone Costs: and Volume: respectively.

To the left of the accounting display, are two buttons: Reset... and View Logs.

Pressing Reset... will reset the Phone Costs: and Volume: information to 0. You would typically want to do this once a month or quarter, when you have received your phone bill and reconciled the telephone costs. You can reset either independently, and are offered the choice of which item you want to reset, when you press the Reset button.

Pressing View Logs will open another window, where a log of all the calls made with KPPP will be displayed. If you have kept logs, you can move forward and backward, in monthly steps. This might be useful if you have received an abnormally large phone bill and are investigating why!