The Misc tab

The Misc tab

The Misc tab

Here are some options that don't really fit in with other sections, but can be very useful nonetheless.

pppd Version

The version number of the pppd daemon on your system.

pppd Timeout

KPPP will wait this amount of time after running the script and starting pppd for pppd to establish a valid ppp link before giving up and killing pppd

Dock into Panel on Connect

If this option is chosen, KPPP will dock into the panel where it will be symbolized by a small animated icon. Use the left mouse button on this icon to restore KPPP's window. The right mouse button will open a popup menu that offers to restore the window, show transfer statistics, or close the connection. This option overrides Minimize Window on Connect.

Automatic Redial on Disconnect

Selectintg this will have KPPP try to reconnect if you are disconnected.

Show Clock on Caption

This will have KPPP display the time connected on the caption of the KPPP window, while you are online.

Disconnect on X-server shutdown

Checking this will cause KPPP to terminate the ppp link, disconnect the modem, and terminate accounting in an orderly fashion, when the X-server shuts down. This is useful if you are prone to forgetting you are online, when you shut down the X-server, or if you simply don't want to worry about manually disconnecting your session. If you don't want KPPP to hang up the modem on X-server exit, you should leave this checkbox empty. Beware that if you have accounting enabled, and you leave this option turned off, you will have an unterminated accounting entry in your logs, from each time the X-server exits and KPPP terminates.

Quit on Disconnect

If enabled, KPPP will exit when you disconnect from the internet. If disabled, KPPP will stay open after disconnection.

Minimize Window on Connect

If this option is chosen, KPPP will be minimized after a connection is established. The elapsed connection time will be shown in the taskbar.