The Execute tab

The Accounts Execute tab

The Accounts Execute tab

Here you can select commands to run at certain stages of the connection. These commands are run with your real user id, so you cannot run any commands here requiring root permissions, unless you are of course dialled in as root (a bad thing to do for many reasons!)

Make sure to supply the whole path to the program, otherwise KPPP may not be able to find it.

You can add commands to be run at four distinct times during the connection process:

Before Connect

Run this command before the dialing is initiated, so it is already running when you connect to your ISP.

Upon Connect

Run this command only after a successful connection is made.

Before disconnect

Run this command while still connected, before hanging up the modem.

Upon disconnect

Run this command after the connection has been closed.

You might for example want to run leafnode as soon as you have connected, or check your mail. You might want to make sure any mail in your queue is sent, before you close your connection down. You might want a clean-up script to tidy up logs and clear your cache after you have disconnected.