The DNS tab

The Accounts DNS tab

The Accounts DNS tab

Domain Name:

Specify the domain name for your machine. As with DNS addresses, it is restored to the original specified in /etc/resolv.conf when the connection goes down. If it is left blank, no changes are made to the domain name specified in /etc/resolv.conf


Choose between Automatic (the ISP will automatically issue you DNS server addresses when you connect) and Manual. If you choose manual, the DNS IP Address section is then enabled.

DNS IP Address

This section is only enabled if you chose Manual in the previous option. Add the Domain Name Servers assigned to you by your ISP. You must specify at least one Domain Name Server for your OS to be able to resolve human readable IP addresses such as The DNS server addresses supplied must be in numeric form, e.g. These addresses will be added at runtime to /etc/resolv.conf.

Choose the Add button to add each new DNS server address to the list box below. Choose Remove to remove an entry from the list.

Disable existing DNS Servers during Connection

If you check this box, any DNS servers listed in /etc/resolv.conf will be disabled while the connection remains up.