Speaking Notifications (KNotify)

KNotify is the notification subsystem within KDE, which alerts you to events you configure within the KDE system. You can configure Jovie to speak text notifications.

For example, Konversation, a KDE IRC application, permits you to configure a wide variety of notifications. For instance, you can tell Konversation to notify you whenever a message appears in an IRC channel with your nickname in it. Together with Jovie you can have KDE speak the text of the IRC message to you.

In general, if a KDE application supports KNotify, a Notifications menu item will appear under the application's Settings menu. The specifics for configuring each application with KNotify vary from application to application.


String Replacer filters are a good way to clean up messages sent from applications if they are mispronounced or misspoken in Jovie. The kmail.xml file, which comes with Jovie, is a good example. It removes br, and b tags from the KMail notification messages and also removes the phrase /local/inbox/, since this may be safely assumed in most cases. See the section called “Configuring String Replacer Filters”.