Chapter 3. Developer's Guide to Jovie

Table of Contents

The Jovie D-Bus Interface

Jovie has two Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs):

  • The KDE Text-to-Speech API, which is used by application programmers to give their applications TTS capabilities. Applications communicate with Jovie via D-Bus.

  • The Jovie Text-to-Speech Plugin API, which is used to add speech synthesis plugins to Jovie so that Jovie will work with a new speech synthesis engine.

The following section gives a short description of the KDE Text-to-Speech API D-Bus Interface. Full documentation for both APIs is available online at the KDE Accessibility web site (

The Jovie D-Bus Interface

Applications communicate requests for Text-to-Speech services via the KDE D-Bus interface to program jovie object KSpeech.

Enter the following commands in a Konsole.

If Jovie is not already running


To queue a text job to be spoken

qdbus org.kde.jovie /KSpeech say "text" "options"

where text is the text to be spoken, and options is a language code such as en, cy, etc.


qdbus org.kde.jovie /KSpeech say "This is a test." "en"

There are many more commands that can be sent. To see a list of possible commands,

qdbus org.kde.jovie /KSpeech

or read the KDE Text-to-Speech API online.