Chapter 12. Credits and License

kdm is derived from, and includes code from, xdm (c) Keith Packard, MIT X Consortium.

kdm 0.1 was written by Matthias Ettrich. Later versions till KDE 2.0.x were written by Steffen Hansen. Some new features for KDE 2.1.x and a major rewrite for KDE 2.2.x made by Oswald Buddenhagen.

Other parts of the kdm code are copyright by the authors, and licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL. Anyone is allowed to change kdm and redistribute the result as long as the names of the authors are mentioned.

kdm requires the Qt™ library, which is copyright Troll Tech AS.

Documentation contributors:

  • Documentation written by Steffen Hansen

  • Documentation extended by Gregor Zumstein. Last update August 9, 1998

  • Documentation revised for KDE 2 by Neal Crook . Last update August 6, 2000

  • Documentation extended and revised for KDE 2.2 and 4.0 by Oswald Buddenhagen . Last update December 7, 2007

Documentation copyright Steffen Hansen, Gregor Zumstein, Neal Crook and Oswald Buddenhagen. This document also includes large parts of the xdm man page, which is (c) Keith Packard. The theme format documentation is heavily based on the GDM manual, which is (c) Martin K. Petersen, George Lebl, Red Hat®, Inc. and Sun Microsystems, Inc.

This documentation is licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.