Sebastian Trüg

Revision 1.0.0 (2010-09-10)


The nepomuksearch protocol allows to search the Nepomuk meta data store for files or any other type of resource (although files is the most important use case since we are talking about virtual file systems here).


For it to work the Nepomuk system needs to be activated. Activating the Strigi file indexer provides better results and way more search possibilities.

Typically nepomuksearch is used transparently to the user through an application like Dolphin which provide GUI elements to construct the necessary query and the corresponding URL. However, it is also possible to write a query URL manually. There are two different possibilities which might be of interest to the user (be aware that queries created as presented below are not restricted to files):


will look for anything containing the word "Nepomuk". "Nepomuk" can be replaced with anything the simple the section called “Nepomuk Query Syntax” allows.

nepomuksearch:/?sparql=select ?r where { ?r nao:hasTag ?tag . ?tag nao:prefLabel 'Nepomuk'^^xsd:string . }

will execute the SPARQL query which in this case looks for all resources that are tagged with a tag that has the label "Nepomuk". Be aware that the query needs to be percent-encoded, i.e. a URI like <> would have to be written as