Alexander Neundorf

The floppy ioslave gives you easy access to the floppy disk drives installed on your system.

The drive letter becomes the first subdirectory in the floppy URL. Let's say there is a file logo.png on your floppy disk in drive A, then the URL will be floppy:/a/logo.png

If you want to access drive B, floppy:/b will do it. floppy:/ is a shortcut for floppy:/a.


Note that floppy:/logo.png means you have a disk drive named logo.png.

To use it you need to have the mtools package installed, and the floppy ioslave supports everything the various mtools command line utilities support. You don't have to mount your floppy disks, simply enter floppy:/ in any KDE 3.x app and you will be able to read from and write to your floppy drive.

It also works with USB sticks, ZIP and JAZ drives. You can use floppy:/u for the USB stick and floppy:/z for the zip drive, for example. To make this work, you might need to adjust your /etc/mtools file. See the manpage for documentation.

The ioslave gives read and write access to the floppy drive, but not simultaneously. While you can read and write to the floppy during the same session, reading and writing have to happen one after the other, not at the same time.

Author: Alexander Neundorf