Chapter 2. What's new in this release

Revision 4.8.2 (2018-01-19)

As with every release, the KMyMoney development team has worked hard to make this one better and easier to use in every way, although most of the developer effort has recently gone toward releasing a version of KMyMoney which runs under KDE Frameworks (aka KF5.) However, this release does include almost 70 bug fixes and four new features. For the future, any further releases in the 4.8.x series will likely contain only bug fixes.

Below are links to the full lists followed by highlights of the bugs fixed and new features found in this release.

  • The complete list of bugs fixed in this release

  • The complete list of new features in this release

  • Improvements to data import, including:

    • Improved payee matching

    • Avoid crash if you provide an invalid name for the import file

    • Resolved numerous issues with importing QIF and CSV files

    • Removed some restrictions on the type of account to which data can be imported.

    • Allowed OFX import to use Client UID, required by some banks.

  • Improvements to the Windows® version, including:

    • Changes to make the build process easier and more reliable.

    • Allow saving reports as .csv and not just .html.

    • Fixed localization problems on 64 bit versions.

    • Resolved issues with file backup.

  • Improvements to the database back end

    • Avoid a crash if the database is not present restoring from hibernation.

    • Corrected SQL syntax issues causing errors.

  • The user is now notified if changing a memo in a transaction would make it different from the memo in the other split of the transaction (such as in a transfer.)

  • Added a setting to configure location of optional log file for imported data.

  • Removed restriction on configuring VAT assignments for certain types of accounts.

  • Eliminated false positive errors from Consistency Check

  • Several improvements to importing and exporting templates.

  • Eliminated several causes of crashes.