Installing KMyMoney without Linux

KMyMoney has been successfully compiled for Mac® OS X, and is available at the MacPorts web site.

KMyMoney is also available for Windows®. This initiative is still a work in progress, but great improvements have been made in the past year. For more information about running KDE, including KMyMoney on Windows® see the KDE on Windows Initiative page. For a standalone installer that only installs KMyMoney see the download link on the right of the KMyMoney home page. Note that the most recent version of this installer no longer works on Windows® XP. At the time of this release, it was not known if this could be changed, as the issue was related to the tools used to build the application, not the application itself.

If you know of KMyMoney being successfully compiled and made available for any other operating system, please let us know, so we can spread the word.