Stored samples

If you don't have a connection to the server or simply don't want to upload the samples right away, you get the option to store samples locally instead of sending them.

This is not intended as permanent storage but rather as a intermediate location before you can send the samples to the server.

To access (and upload) stored samples, select Upload stored data from the toolbar.

Stored samples

The list contains all locally stored training sessions. Each session is identified by the user id (first) and the exact date and time it was recorded (second).

When recording in offline mode the system doesn't know what user ids do exist. As such you have to either know the correct user id or guess.

Before uploading the sample, you can change the previously set user id by clicking Edit user.

If you press Upload, the training session will be restored and you get the possibility to hear / re-record all the training samples again before sending them to the server.

Once uploaded, the samples are removed from the local computer.