Chapter 1. Introduction

Simon is the main front end for the Simon open source speech recognition solution. It is a Simond client and provides a graphical user interface for managing the speech model and the commands. Moreover, Simon can execute all sorts of commands based on the input it receives from the server: Simond.

In contrast to existing commercial offerings, Simon provides a unique do-it-yourself approach to speech recognition. Instead of predefined, pre-trained speech models, Simon does not ship with any model whatsoever. Instead, it provides an easy to use end-user interface to create language and acoustic models from scratch.

Additionally the end-user can easily download created use cases from other users and share his / her own.

The current release can be used to set up command-and-control solutions especially suitable for disabled people. However, because of the amount of training necessary, continuous, free dictation is neither supported nor reasonable with current versions of Simon.

Because of its architecture, the same version of Simon can be used with all languages and dialects. One can even mix languages within one model if necessary.