Command line arguments

Sam provides command line arguments for the most common actions to automatize model creation and testing.

All actions provided as command line arguments will be taken immediately after Sam has loaded. Options that build on one another (like compiling and testing) will be re-ordered automatically.

Table 2.1. Command line arguments

-m <type>Selects the used backend; Provide either "sphinx" or "htk" to select the specified backend. Depending on your installation, "sphinx" might not be available.
-sRetrieves all paths from Simon; (equivalent to Modify Simon's model)
-cStarts the model compilation;
-tStarts the model test;
-e <filename>Exports a report to the given filename;
-bEnables batch processing; Sam will quit automatically after all arguments have been processed. The main window will not be shown.
-l <filename>Export the complete build log to the given file;
-wAutomatically safe any opened Sam project file when exiting the application;
<filename>Load this Sam project file during startup.