Chapter 2. Using KSimond

Due to its minimalistic nature KSimond itself does not even have an application window. However, the tray icon has a context menu from where you can start and stop Simond and also open the configuration.

KSimond "screenshot"

KSimond has the ability to launch automatically when KDE starts and to handle unexpected Simond crashes.

KSimond configuration

Please note that the option to start KSimond at login will work on both Microsoft Windows and when you are using KDE on Linux. Support for other desktop environments like Gnome, XFCE, etc. might require manually placing KSimond in the session autostart (please refer to the respective manuals of your desktop environment).

Alongside the KSimond configuration the Simond configuration modules are listed (also available through systemsettings). See the Simond manual for details.

Simond user configuration

Simond network configuration

Simond speech model configuration