Browser Identification

When Konqueror connects to a web site it sends some brief browser identification information, known as the User Agent string. Many web sites use this information to customize the pages that they send back, based on the strengths and weaknesses of different browsers.

Unfortunately, some badly designed sites refuse to work properly unless you are using a browser that the site recognizes as a valid one, even though if given a chance, Konqueror will work satisfactorily with the vast majority of web pages.

To overcome this problem you can change the browser identification information that Konqueror sends for specific sites or domains by selecting Web Browsing Browser Identification page of the settings dialog.


Problems with getting a web page to work properly may also be due to its use of Java™ or JavaScript. If you suspect that this may be the case check that they have been enabled in the Java & JavaScript section of the settings dialog.


Install the UserAgent Changer extension from the Konqueror Plugins and enable it in Settings Configure Extensions. This extension adds a Change Browser Identification item to the Tools menu. Using this item lets you quickly switch between different User Agent strings.