Chapter 8. Saving Settings & Profiles

Pamela Roberts

General Settings

When you close down Konqueror your current View menu settings (such as the View Mode, Use index.html and Show Hidden Files items) are not automatically saved as the default options; however, you can have Konqueror remember these settings by selecting SettingsSave View Profile As... and the current setting will become the default option to be used the next time Konqueror is started.

But you can also specify different View menu settings for an individual folder. To do this select ViewAdjust View Properties..., change the View settings in the dialog to whatever you want. Then apply the view properties to the Current folder. Doing this creates a .directory file in that folder to hold the folder View settings. Use this dialog again to remove the folder specific settings (or just delete the .directory file).


One nice use of this feature is if you have a folder full of pictures, you can set that particular folder to display thumbnails of the pictures (by choosing the View ModeIcons and Preview from the View menu) when you open it, while not displaying images as thumbnails in other folders.