View Profiles

Konqueror can save a whole set of options as a View Profile. Some view profiles are part of the standard Konqueror installation, such as Web Browsing, File Management, KDE Development, Midnight Commander and Tabbed Browsing; but you can add your own, too.

To modify a view profile (say, the Web Browsing profile), load the profile with SettingsLoad View ProfileWeb Browsing, and change the Konqueror settings to whatever you want. Now select SettingsSave View Profile As... . In the dialog which appears, you can change the name of the profile, which will create a new profile with that name, or you can leave the name as it is to modify the current profile. If you select Save URLs in profile, the current URL will be loaded when you load that view profile. This functions in a similar way to the Home Page in many web browsers. If you want Konqueror to start up with an empty window enter about:blank into the location bar before saving the profile.


You can create a desktop icon to start Konqueror with your new profile. First create a desktop icon by clicking with the right mouse button onto the Konqueror entry in the application launcher menu. Then select Add to Desktop in the context menu. Open the settings dialog of the new icon on your desktop by clicking on the Tools icon. Change Command in the Application tab page to kfmclient openProfile MyNewProfile, MyNewProfile being what you called the new profile. Then change the name to something like MyNewProfile .