The Konqueror Handbook

Pamela Roberts

Developers: The KDE Team
Revision KDE 4.11 (2013-07-02)

Konqueror is KDE's advanced File Manager, Web Browser and Universal Viewing Application.

Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. Konqueror Basics
Starting Konqueror
The Parts of Konqueror
Tooltips and What's This?
Left and Middle Mouse Button Actions
Right Mouse Button Menus
Viewing Help, Man and Info Pages
3. Konqueror the File Manager
Folders and Paths
View Modes
File Tip Info
File Previews
Information in the View
Folder View Properties
The View Properties Dialog
Finding Files and Folders
Removable Devices
Deleting Files and Folders
Moving and Copying
Using Drag 'n Drop
Duplicate File or Folder Names
Selecting Items in the View
Selecting Items Using the Mouse
Selecting Items Using the Keyboard
Selecting Items Using the Menu
Create New
Changing Names and Permissions
Copy and Rename
Configuring File Associations
At the Command Line
4. Konqueror the Web Browser
Connecting to the Internet
Surfing and Searching
Tabbed Browsing
Web Shortcuts
Access Keys
Browser Identification
Saving and Printing Web Items
URLs with Port Numbers
5. Automatic Text Completion
6. Using Bookmarks
The Bookmark Editor
7. The Sidebar
8. Saving Settings & Profiles
General Settings
View Profiles
9. Plugins
Netscape® Plugins
Konqueror Plugins
10. View Mode Extensions
FSView - the File System View
Visualization Features
User Interface
Credits and License
11. Configuring Konqueror
Other Settings
12. Command Reference
Special Shortcuts
The Menubar
The File Menu
The Edit Menu
The View Menu
The Go Menu
The Bookmarks Menu
The Tools Menu
The Settings Menu
The Window Menu
The Help Menu
13. Questions and Answers
14. Credits and License
A. Installation