To change the shortcut key arrangements used by Konqueror select SettingsConfigure Shortcuts... . This will launch a dialog box as shown below.

Shortcut config screenshot 1

Use the search box to find the action you want to add or change the shortcut keys for and select it by left clicking on the name.

After you have selected an action in the list you will notice that this item is highlighted and you see two additional check boxes below this item in the list view. There you can configure a combination of keys or maybe no key binding at all for the selected action.

Shortcut config screenshot 2
  • Default: the selected action will be associated with KDE's default value. This is a good choice for most actions, as KDE comes with reasonable key bindings we have thought about.

  • Custom: if this option is enabled, you can create a key combination for the selected action. Click on the button labeled either None or labeled with the previously selected custom shortcut. Now the button label changes to Input. Then press any modifier key (i.e. Shift, Ctrl, or Alt) and then normal key or a function key (e.g. F11) you want to assign to this key combination.

  • You can reset the shortcut to None by using this button: .

    Clicking on the Alternate column of a row in the list allows to edit the second shortcut for the action.