Chapter 11. Configuring Konqueror

Pamela Roberts

In common with the rest of KDE, Konqueror is highly configurable, so you can really get the look and feel that best fits your needs and wishes.


When KDE is newly installed, Konqueror's window contains a Menubar, Main and Location Toolbars and possibly a Bookmark Toolbar.

Maybe you don't need all these toolbars. To hide one of them, go into the SettingsToolbars Shown menu and uncheck its box. To show a hidden toolbar, just check the box.

The Menubar itself can be toggled on and off with the shortcut key combination Ctrl+M.

If you right click on a Toolbar, you will get a menu to configure this bar. You can lock or unlock the toolbar position and choose the text position, icon size and the orientation of unlocked bars.

If the toolbars are unlocked, on the left hand end of each bar you can see some handles. By left mouse button clicking on them, you can drag a bar into a new position and even detach it from the window and place it anywhere on your screen.

The icons shown in the various bars can be changed by using the SettingsConfigure Toolbars... option, which brings up the Configure Toolbars dialog box. The number and type of these toolbars will depend on whether Konqueror is in Web Browser or File Manager mode and whether you have Konqueror plugins installed.