At the Command Line

Although Konqueror is a very powerful and flexible GUI file manager, there are occasions when the experienced Linux® / UNIX® user wants to get down to the basics and work at the text command line level.

You can, of course, open an instance of Konsole, perhaps with Konqueror's Menubar ToolsOpen Terminal option or with F4.

If you only want to launch a program or view a URL, the ToolsExecute Shell Command... (Ctrl+E) option may be easier.

ToolsExecute Shell Command... (Ctrl+E) opens a small command line dialog window where you can enter a shell command such as ps -ax | grep kdeinit . Note that it does not support full featured terminal control characters, so applications such as top and less will not work properly, but it is available immediately without the delay involved in starting Konsole.

For more complex operations, Konqueror has another nice feature: the Menubar SettingsShow Terminal Emulator option, which opens up a terminal window as a new view within Konqueror. As long as the link icon is visible at the bottom right corner of each view, the terminal will follow any folder changes you make in the normal file manager view.

Including the terminal emulator