Chapter 6. Using Bookmarks

Pamela Roberts

Table of Contents

The Bookmark Editor

Although you can use Konqueror's bookmarks to record the locations of your own files and folders, they are most useful when you are surfing the Web, letting you build up a list of useful sites.

To open the Bookmarks menu left click on the Bookmarks menu. Once the list is visible, you can navigate through it with the arrow keys or with your mouse, then press Enter or left click to visit the selected location.

To add a new item to the list use Bookmarks Add Bookmark or Ctrl+B or right click on a clear space in the web page or folder view and select Bookmark this Page / Bookmark this Location from the pop up menu.

The Bookmarks list can contain subfolders containing other bookmarks, you can create these with Bookmarks New Bookmark Folder... To add a bookmark into a subfolder rather than into the main Bookmark list, select the folder from within the Bookmarks list and use the Add Bookmark item in that folder.

You can also access your bookmarks from the Sidebar or from the Bookmark Toolbar.

If you enter bookmarks:/ in the location bar the bookmarks home page with an overview of all bookmarks and folders is shown.

The Bookmark Editor

The BookmarksEdit Bookmarks option opens the Bookmark Editor.

This shows a tree view of your bookmarks and bookmark subfolders. As is usual for tree views in KDE, subfolders are shown with a small > arrow at the left of the folder name; left clicking on it will expand the view to show the contents of that subfolder and the > arrow will change to v; left clicking on the v arrow will collapse the subfolder view.

To select an item in the list you can left click on it, or you can navigate through the list by using the Up arrow and Down arrow keys to move around, Right arrow to expand a subfolder and Left arrow to collapse it.

You can move an item to a different place in the list by using the normal Drag and Drop or Cut and Paste methods. The order in which the items appear in the Bookmark Editor is the order they will appear in the Bookmarks drop down list. The Folder Insert Separator option can be used to insert separating lines into the list wherever you wish.

A new subfolder can be created at the selected point in the list by using the New Folder... option in the Folder menu or from the drop down menu you get when you right click on an item in the main part of the window, or with Ctrl+N

To change the name of a bookmark or folder select it then press F2 or choose the Rename item from the Edit menu or the pop up menu that appears when you right click on the item. Similarly, you can edit the URL by pressing F3 or choosing the Change Location menu item.

The Bookmark Editor lets you import bookmarks from a range of other browsers into Konqueror's bookmark list, putting them into a new folder or replacing all current bookmarks. To do this select Import from the File menu. The FileExport option can be used to export Konqueror's bookmarks to a Netscape® or Mozilla browser.

To select which bookmark subfolder is used to hold the Bookmark Toolbar items select the subfolder then choose Set as Toolbar Folder from the Folder menu.

If you are tidying up your bookmarks and have forgotten what a particular web page is, you can easily open it from within the Bookmark Editor by right clicking on the item and selecting Open in Konqueror from the pop up menu. If you just want to check that the URL is still valid select Check Status instead.


All your changes are automatically saved if you close the Bookmark Editor.