Password & User Account

Michael Anderson

Anne-Marie Mahfouf

Revision KDE 4.11 (2013-06-25)

User Information


The User Account Manager

This is a system settings module to enter user information and configure basic user settings such as the password and icon. This information and these settings will be used by various KDE applications (mail programs and word processors for example) if they are filled. You can:

  • change your user icon

  • change your user login password

  • fill in personal information

  • set up the password prompt

User Icon and Password

User Icon

This icon is used when the user logs in using a login manager. Clicking on it will allow you to change the image, either by using a provided icon or by setting one of your own. Click Apply to validate your change.

Change password...

Clicking this button will display a dialog to change your user password. Your user password is the one you log in to your system with. You will be asked for your current password then twice for your new password.

User Information


Enter here the full name of the user.


You can add the business or group that the user would like to be associated with.

Email address:

Enter here the email address which will be associated with this user.

SMTP server:

You can indicate here a local smtp server for sending mail within a network.

User ID

This is for information only, it gives you your User ID. This number is defined in /etc/passwd and was set when your user account was created.

At Password Prompt

This section allows you to choose what you want displayed when you input your password when you are asked for it. The default is to have one bullet for each letter you type. You can change that to have three bullets for each letter you type (making it more difficult to guess the number of letters if someone else is looking). You can also choose to have nothing displayed while you type your password, making this operation even more secure.