Chapter 2. Usage

The configuration module consists of two lists. The list on the left shows the available remote controls and their modes. The list on the right displays all configured actions for the current selected remote and mode.

Lists of remotes and configured modes and actions

Remote Controls and Modes

Each remote control can have a number of different modes. Having multiple modes allows buttons to execute different actions in different situations. Think of it as a TV/Video/Satellite/DVD multi-purpose remote control. Instead of using different remote controls for different applications, you can change the behavior of one remote control to adapt to an application by creating different modes and switching them as needed. Actions defined directly to the remote control are always available, no matter in what mode the remote currently is. Actions defined in a mode are only executed if the remote is currently set to that mode. Each remote control can be only in one mode at a time. It may also be in no mode at all meaning that only always available actions are executed on button presses. You can also define a default mode, which is the mode automatically assigned on startup.

You can add modes to a remote control by selecting the remote and using the + button besides to the list. When creating a mode you need to supply a name for it. Optionally you can assign a button that is used to activate the mode and an icon that is used for notifications for this mode. You can delete modes by selecting them and using the - button.

Adding a new mode

By default, if there are multiple modes with the same assigned button, the button is used to cycle through those modes. This way you can group your modes. For example you could assign a button named Music to cycle through modes for Amarok and JuK while a button named Video could cycle through modes for Dragon Player or KMplayer. If you rather would like to have a button for cycling though all modes and a second one to reverse-cycling through the modes, you can set this behavior in a remotes preferences by selecting a remote and pressing the edit button.

Editing a remote