Lauri Watts

The nntp kioslave accesses NNTP servers directly.

This kioslave can not be used with servers that do not implement the GROUP command, including some versions of the popular INN news server which is often used by ISPs. It does work with leafnode, which many people use to keep an offline cache of news articles on their own hard drive or within their LAN.

You can use the nntp kioslave by typing nntp://yourserver/groupname into the Konqueror URL bar.

If you enter a group name, as above, and the group is available, you will see the messages stored for that group as icons in Konqueror.

Clicking on a message will display it as plain text, including all headers. This could be useful for debugging a news client to news server connection, for example, to ensure that your new leafnode server is working correctly.

If you don't enter a group name, and only the server name, you will see a list of available groups.

Please be aware that this could take an enormous amount of time, and will cause a lot of network traffic. Some commercial usenet servers have 60,000 or more groups available, and doing such a thing may cause your desktop to freeze.