CDDB Support

freedb is a distributed network database accessible over the Internet that contains information about most audio CDs in circulation. If you have Internet access, you will likely never have to manually enter track information for your CDs if you have this set up properly. See The CDDB Page section for detailed instructions on how to configure this service, and the CD Database Editor section for instructions on how to edit CDDB entries.

Use of the CDDB is free. Submissions from users are encouraged.

When preparing entries for the CDDB, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Use standard latin characters in the entries. Some special characters are supported, but Cyrillic or Greek alphabet submissions, for example, cannot be accepted.

  • Use only one / character in the Disc Artist / Title field in the CD Database Editor.

    For classical CDs, it is standard practice to put the composer's name in the Artist section (before the slash) and the performer's name in the Title section (after the slash).

  • If you send an entry that already exists in the database, any additional information you provide may be added to the existing entry.

By default, the standard CDDB categories are installed in $HOME/.cddb. You can create as many category subfolders as you like. However, when uploading, only the official CDDB categories are displayed. The default upload address is . For more information about freedb visit the freedb homepage.

The local CDDB entry for a particular CD is stored in the file category name/disc ID under the CDDB Base Folder. These files can be edited with any text editor.