Chapter 4. Scripting Engine API

Every backend provides a special set of functions and properties for its data structures and their elements. But also every backend provides the properties and functions that are defined for the base data structure.

Scripting API for every Data Structure

Abstract Data Structure Object

The abstract data structure defines a set of data elements and possible connections between them, this is the prototype for every other data structure. Data structures are identified by their names. Assuming you created a data structure with name testgraph, then you can access the data structure simply by writing this identifier. For example, to get an array with all data elements in the given data structure, you can write testgraph.list_nodes(); in the script.


  • name :

    The unique name of this data structure.

Abstract Data

An abstract data element is a unit of information that belongs to an abstract data structure and possibly is connected to other data elements by pointers.


  • width :

    The size of this data element.

  • x :

    The x-coordinate of this data element.

  • y :

    The y-coordinate of this data element.

  • id :

    The unique identifier of this data element.

  • color :

    The color of this data element stated as hexadecimal value.

Abstract Pointer

A pointer connects two data elements and can itself hold information by its properties.


  • width :

    The width of the connection.

  • directed :

    If true, the connection is directed. Otherwise is connection is undirected.

  • from :

    Start of the connection.

  • to :

    End of the connection

  • color :

    ID of the connection type.



Remove this connection.

void remove(); 
add_property(name, value)

Add a new property to the connection.

void add_property(name,  
string name;
string value;

Remove an existing property from the connection.

void remove_property(name); 
string name;