Adding Images

First show the image tool by selecting View in the menubar and then clicking on Image. The check box in front of Image will then be activated. This will show up the picture section on the right hand side of the Parley screen

To add an image to a word make sure the word is highlighted. In the image section on the right hand side click on the Folder icon and choose the picture you wish to associate. On selecting an image for a pair of translations, the bottom right corners of the cells of both the words would be marked with a blue flag. Hovering over this flag with the mouse cursor shows the name and path of the image file.

The needed images can be obtained from Google search using Parley inbuilt scripts.

To obtain the image highlight a word in the list then choose ScriptsFetch Image from the Parley menu.

Obtaining images from the Internet

Choose the right image using Next and Previous buttons. You can correct the search criteria for the images using the corresponding text box.

If you prefer only free images check the corresponding check box.

When the selection is finished just click on OK and the image will be saved next to the current vocabulary file in the name_of_vocabulary_files subfolder.


Due to the current script limitations the image files cannot be saved in the paths with Unicode symbols in the names of folders and files.